13 March 2009

Toy War

This is my final project, "Toy War". I made this animation with my friend. It took us almost a year to make it. We both do the modeling, animating and compositing together but I focused on the 3D part and my friend focused on the compositing part. You can see him in the opening of this animation. This animation is about 2 dolls fight with each other for the snack that the house owner (my friend) left on the table. We use a lot of action movies for the reference. The biggest problem in this animation is SoundFX. Because, We both suck at SoundFX. But we managed to get it done. So...enjoy.

30 November 2008


Here's another model that I've made for my final project. His name is Woody. My friend designed this one for me. I made him able to switch between arms and legs or even romove all of his parts . He has the most complicated rig I've ever made so far.


It's been a while since my last post. So here it is, this is Chucky, the model that I've made for my final project. I've design this one by myself. I want him to look a bit psychotic but have a little bit cute as well (but everyone think he doesn't cute at all). Right now, I'm still working on the animation but, it is still far from finish.

10 September 2008

Magic Wand

Finally, It's done. This is my student project for this semister. It took me 3 months to make this. This animation is about the character that come to life because of the magic wand. I used toon shader for the first half of ths animation. And the second half, I made it look more realistic. And I also use camera tracking. I used "Step Up 2 : The Streets" as the reference. And the music is "Church" by T-Pain Featuring Teddy Verseti.

21 June 2008

Camera Tracking Test

This time I've try something new. The 2 gundams on the desk are CG, if you don't know. I've film the footage in my room. Then use Boujou for the camera tracking. This is just a test animation for my student project. The finished one gonna be a lot longer and has an animated character too.

19 May 2008


This animation is my last year's student project. It's a group work, my major roll is to model & animate the character. I got the monster form the web site but I model the robot by myself. I've my friends made the scene and some effects coz I'm not really good at After Effects.

18 May 2008

Cross Road

I made this one for the animation class. Actually this is my firt animation that has a complete story. I didn't make a model for this one but I made the scene though. Thanks for the model "The Andy Rig 1.4.0" by John Doublestein.


I made this animation from a poster that I've made before. I think it would be a waste if I made only the model. So, I've rigged it and made a short animation for this one.

And this one is the poster.

Power Loader Test Animation

This one is the test animation of the Power Loader model. I'm sure you've seen this model before. I made this one when I was intern in Lola VFX Studio in US. This model was use in Direct TV Aliens commercial.

17 May 2008

Panda Title

This is the first animation I've ever made. I made this one 2 years ago when I started to learn Maya. It's a bit funny but don't laugh...OK?

GN-001 Gundam Exia

This is the second one. I do a lot of detail-up on this one and also put some decal too (Acctually not just some, I've to made about 40 texture files ~_~) And I also made a short animation of this model showing off with all his swords.

and this is the animation.

GAT-X105E Strike Noir Gundam

This is the first Gundam I ever made. So It's a bit plane and simple, no detail-up, no decal. But I've rig this model so it can be animated easily.